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More than 25 years of experience in blending neon with found art objects or fabricated materials, has made Kevin Russell a proficient in holding the audience intact. When it comes to create versatile styles providing eye-catching neon art for potential clients and customers passing by, his creativity can’t be questioned. He successfully uses light in sculpture with his semi-figurative light installations based on utilizing neon tubing. They are constructed in specifically conceptual arrangement to heighten the light’s reflective behavior within a limited space. Be it someone’s hobby, hotrods, or anything, he knows how to fuse the right combination of neon lights and art to carve alluring signs. Russel is a pivotal figure in neon field, who integrates space, light and earthy materials into luminous sculptures and installations.

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A timeless

Gone is the era when neon was meant only for business, as it is for everyone who is interested in adding bright colors and cool vintage feel to any place, be it kitchen, home bar, game room, music studio or garage. These retro art works come in a variety of typography and lighting technology to turn visions & ideas into illumination reality on a magnificent level.

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